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Aspide Medical Receives FDA Clearance of SURGIMESH® WN Mesh

November 30, 2006 – BG Medical / PRnewswire (Chicago, IL)

SURGIMESH® WN is an advanced technology surgical mesh now indicated for use in hernia repair - a common procedure performed in over 1 million patients in the USA every year. Its novel platform technology is based upon randomized, non-woven polypropylene micro-fibers. Aspide Medical’s development of this unique platform technology has resulted in a mesh that in clinical use has demonstrated minimal chronic pain, and lower post-operative complication rates, resulting in well healed and comfortable yet high strength repairs.

The use of Aspide Medical’s SURGIMESH® WN, an advanced lightweight surgical mesh, provides today's clinicians with a broad spectrum of configurations for open and laparoscopic hernia repairs. It is the first non-woven, microfiber polypropylene mesh available for clinical use in the US hernia market. Pre-clinical studies have demonstrated that SURGIMESH® WN significantly improves upon current mesh offerings by reducing aggressive inflammation, foreign body and dense scarring reactions to produce well integrated and strong repairs without the excessive wrinkling and shrinkage at the hernia mesh repair site.

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BG Medical is a unique Sales and Marketing Distribution Partner for next-generation medical devices and disposables. BG Medical partners with companies having high margin, breakthrough technology platforms with a potential for significant market development. Our goal is to provide our partners with the significant market share gain and the presence necessary to become leaders in given market segments. We accomplish this with our highly trained, dedicated and segment focused US wide Sales and Marketing Team.

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Aspide Medical of St. Etienne, France, celebrating 15 years of healthcare innovation, manufactures thousands of medical devices each year which are distributed worldwide. Aspide Medical’s vast expertise in developing medical device technologies for the treatment of digestive, urologic, gynecologic, and aesthetic surgeries has brought a number of breakthrough advances in these and other diversified healthcare markets. Maintaining a commitment to the latest ISO Quality Standards, state-of-the-art manufacturing and automation, Aspide continues to excel in several specialty healthcare markets requiring surgical intervention. For more information, visit Aspide Medical’s website at

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